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CS 1.5, Annoyance

Gönderilme zamanı: 25 Haz 2018, 19:31
gönderen depprussell

I used to play a lot of Counter-Strike. Around CS 1.3, the wallhacks started to get good -- when OGC was released, it really changed the dynamics of the game. NOBODY ever used flashbangs, they just didn't work on hacked clients, they were a waste of time and everyone knew it.Most people were surrepticiously hacking. Some were blatent, some never.I finally got sick of all the hacking and got OGC and used it to prove that these guys were hacking. You could follow them around, and see them tracking people through walls (since you had the wallhack too), you could see the aimbot usage (peek over a window and BANG instant headshot), but the people (notably cheaters) were all in denial "no no, you can't cheat, it's impossible, you n00b". Admitting you ran a cheat to see the cheating just got you banned from the server by the (cheating) administrators. Been there, done that.

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